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Divorces happen. And while that may be an unfortunate truth, it is also important to recognize that a divorce can be among the healthiest and most life-affirming choices that a person can make. But there is no doubt that a divorce is a challenging time.

It is crucial, if you are contemplating or going through a divorce, that you lean on the best support that is available. We have helped countless people not only to “get by,” but to vigorously advocate for their reputations, their property, and their families. Learn more about how we can help you deal with the various legal aspects of divorce:

Vital to Know the Legal Process and Your Rights

Our divorce attorneys have the grit and commitment to fight for your interests, the empathy to truly embrace your story, and the experience to preserve not only your family, but your dignity as well. Whether you are just considering a divorce or have definitely decided, we can help you understand your rights and the next steps involved.

Attorney Ben Lawrence


Benjamin L. Lawerence


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Benjamin L. Lawrence, Attorney at Law

Ben is one of Utah's finest family law and divorce lawyers. It's rare to find someone with his temperament working in family law. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much you like him. He's smart, kind, and passionate about seeing his clients get the justice they deserve.


  • University of Utah, Juris Doctorate (cum laude)

  • King’s College London, Master’s in Shakespearean Studies
  • University of Utah, Bachelor’s in English and Architecture

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