Health & Safety Code Violations in Utah

Health & Safety Code Violations Defense Lawyer in Utah

The Utah Division of Occupational Safety and Health (UOSH) is the state agency that polices health and safety laws in Utah. UOSH’s authority applies to all private and public entities and organizations in the state. By and large they adopt most of the federal standards, but UOSH supplements their standards with many local statutes and regulations.

Compliance officers inspect workplaces for hazardous conditions and issue citations where violations of Utah OSHA regulations are found. Inspections may be the result of: regular scheduling, imminent danger reports, fatalities, accidents, worker complaints or referrals. These inspectors have the authority issue citations for any violations that are found.

Citations May be Based on Subjective Decisions

While many of these citations result in simple fines and fix-it orders; however, some citations can result in either outrageously expensive fines or worse shutting down operations, as well as other civil and criminal penalties. Often the reasons for issuing these citations are based on subjective decisions of the inspectors and can either be overturned or appealed.

Defend Your Interests

Our expert Utah defense attorneys can defend your interests to UOSH and to the court. However, in these cases a good offense is often the key to a great defense. We can help you implement policies and systems that ensure your compliance with the law.

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