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Commercial & Residential Lease Agreement Attorneys in Utah

When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah to Help You with Lease Agreements

If you are renting for the first time, you should have an attorney draft your Lease Agreements. There are common pitfalls in lease agreement drafting that you want to avoid. If you are a tenant considering a long term lease it is absolutely essential that you consult with an attorney before signing your lease agreements.

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

At Hepworth & Associates we have seen many conflicts between landlords and tenants. Many of these disputes could have been easily avoided by smart contract drafting that clearly sets forth the expectations and obligations of both parties. The content of leases is driven by the needs of our client.  We ask them to consider some of the following:
  • A severability clause
  • All charges that can be assessed including late fees & cleaning charges
  • Joint and Several Liability (Yes, that is different from the first point)
  • Conditions of breach and default
  • Renewal
  • Proper and improper uses of the leased space
  • Moving out clause (cleaning and condition)
  • Right to enter
  • Resonsibilities for maintenance items
  • Rent allocation -- payment priority
  • Plumbing
  • Pests
  • Security Deposit
If you are a tenant and don't understand these terms, you need to.  If you are a landlord and don't understand these terms, you also need to.

Do not passively accept boiler-plate language when signing a lease.

Hire Us to Draft Your Lease Agreement

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