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Protecting Victims of Personal Injuries

Whether from a car accident, mishap in the workplace, or other type of personal injury, people who have to deal with the legal process for compensation face a long road. At Hepworth & Associates in Salt Lake City, we understand how confusing and frustrating this process can be, and how important it is that you know someone is on your side. We have decades of combined experience fighting for victims of personal injuries, and know how to deal with insurance companies and the courts so you don't have to. Call us or use the free form on our website so we can develop a plan to get you the compensation you deserve. For your convenience, we have four locations across Utah and are ready to help.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Utah

Whether you suffer from broken bones, a brain injury, or another type of personal injury, you are entitled to recover for your short and long term medical expenses, lost wages, damages, and other losses. Your own, or another insurance company, is usually involved in determining your damages, and unfortunately they do not always have your best interests at heart. Their job is to save themselves as much money as possible, and that's why you need an experienced personal injury attorney to act on your behalf. We don't let insurance companies get away with low-ball settlement offers in the hopes you will just sign on the dotted line. Contact Hepworth & Associates so we can fight as hard as possible to get you the compensation you rightly deserve. We'll take all the steps necessary so you don't have to.

    • Investigating the Cause Of the Personal Injury - Our experienced team will determine the cause of your personal injury, an important step in determining who is responsible for your compensation.
    • Collecting Pertinent Evidence - A strong case depends on strong evidence, and our professional investigators have worked on countless cases. Our team takes pictures, analyzes the scene of your injury, and talks to witnesses to develop the strongest possible case on your behalf.
    • Negotiating With the Insurance Company - It's important that you focus on recovering from your injury, and that's why we're happy to speak on your behalf to work for a fair settlement.
    • Being Persistent - Negotiating doesn't mean accepting the first offer. We work hard to make sure all of your current and future expenses are covered.
    • Completing Legal Paperwork - When you suffer from a personal injury, the time you have to file a claim for damages is limited by Utah law based on the circumstances of your case. Your job is to deal with your injury and recover, our job is to take care of filing and other legal paperwork for you.

Victim of a Personal Injury? Contact us for a FREE Case Review

In cases of personal injury, it may take some time to fully realize the full extent of your pain, suffering, and economic losses. You need experienced advocates like Hepworth & Associates on your side as soon as possible, so we can speak on your behalf and you can focus on yourself and your family. We've handled thousands of personal injury cases like yours, and never hesitate to fight to the fullest to get you full compensation. Your future is important to us, and we will guide you through the entire process and address any concerns you may have. 

Call us at 801-872-2222, or fill out the form on the right so we can review your options and begin working on your behalf. No risk to you, the consultation is free, you only pay us if you win.