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Religious Workplace Discrimination Lawyers in Utah

You're new in the area, but at least you have a job. Things seem to be going well, but you notice some hostile glances at your manner of dress, your religious jewelry, or in reaction to your requests to have holy days off. Perhaps you are not invited to special training events, or you find out that someone hired after you for the same job is getting a raise. Maybe you are told you must remove your religious head covering while at work even though the company has no dress code prohibiting it.

Are You Being Discriminated Against Because of Your Religion?

Discrimination in the workplace based on religion can be discouraging, stressful, and threatening to your livelihood. You may feel alone and helpless in the face of an employer who will not accommodate your need to take time off for a holy day, wear a head covering, or be treated and paid equally with others who don’t share your faith.

How We Can Help

We at Hepworth & Associates can help you through these difficulties and insure you are treated fairly according to the law. Our Salt Lake City firm, can guide you in determining whether you are being legally discriminated against, and what compensation you may be entitled to.

Compensation may be available if you were unfairly laid off or passed over for a raise because of your religious beliefs. Insurance companies can be hard to deal with and may not want to accept your claim. If they do investigate it they may make a low offer, or put you off indefinitely. We are in the business of negotiating these settlements on behalf of our clients. Our experienced attorneys can advise you about how the Utah Religious Workplace Discrimination laws can protect you from unfair treatment in the workplace.

Let Us Represent Your Religious Discrimination Case

We fight for your interests and the compensation to which you are entitled. Our attorneys always:

    • Investigate your case of religious workplace discrimination
    • Draw on our experience of countless cases in analyzing evidence of discrimination
    • Negotiate with the insurance company or corporate office for a fair settlement
    • Complete all the necessary legal paperwork


With all the stress and hassle you’ve been through, the last thing you need is to be faced with a pile of paperwork. We at Hepworth & Associates Attorneys deal with these forms every day and can handle them in an efficient and time-saving manner.

Did That Really Happen?

Workplace discrimination based on religion can be difficult to sort out. It may take you awhile to realize what happened. At first you may not take certain remarks seriously, or you may not notice others getting a pay raise that you should be entitled to as well. If you are inexperienced, or from a foreign country, you might just think it’s the way business is commonly done. The United States, however, has specific laws regarding discrimination in the workplace, and discrimination on the basis of religion, gender, age and race is against the law.

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