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Keys to a Favorable Legal Outcome

If you suffer from a spinal injury due to the neglect of another person, you deserve compensation covering many different areas. Never navigate the judicial system without proper, seasoned legal representation. Your future and the outcome for your favorable benefit depends on following essential steps as seen in,

    • Calling 911 immediately to report the accident and injury
    • Seeking immediate medical treatment
    • Having your advocate document the incident and get photos of the accident site if possible
    • Never admitting fault in an accident situation
    • Never communicating with insurance companies - Your lawyer does this for you

In situations such as this, you can become confused as to who to turn to for legal help. A seasoned attorney who is accustomed to handling wrongful injury cases is who you need to contact.

Wrongful injuries are the expertise of Hepworth & Associates in Salt Lake City, Utah. When you have been wrongfully injured such as in a spinal injury, you deserve compensation to help plan your future.

This act of neglect, performed by another person is life changing. Our attorneys hear what you have to say on your initial free consult, and if you have a case, they guide and direct your every step towards the recommended compensation you deserve.

Hepworth & Associates has four locations across Utah to service your legal needs for compensation.

How our Spinal Injury Attorneys in Utah Help

When you are wrongfully injured, you deserve compensation. It is your right to get compensation that can cover some different areas, such as,

    • Medical bills
    • Rehabilitation costs
    • Inpatient and outpatient costs
    • Loss of wages
    • Inability to earn what you did before your accident
    • Damages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Monetary Settlement

Never rely on the insurance company to go to bat for you. Insurance companies are not going to award any more money to you than they possibly have to. Insurance companies frequently walk away from the responsibility they have to protect you, a valued client. In many cases, insurance companies offer less than fair settlements that cover all your needs. They may even deny your claim for compensation, or just cease to acknowledge your claim request.

It is for this reason you need a seasoned attorney to support and fight for your rights after you suffer a spinal injury. The Utah spinal injury lawyers of Hepworth & Associates significantly increase your chances of winning a fair and adequate compensation.

Our leading and seasoned spinal injury attorneys thoroughly investigate your case to get a clear picture of the exact cause of your injury. Wrongful injuries are our expertise, and we know what steps to follow to help you build a robust and reliable case. We will,

    • Analyze the accident scene
    • Take photographs
    • Collect any and all evidence
    • Negotiate with the insurance company of both parties
    • Initiate and complete complex legal paperwork
    • Remain at your side during your suit

Get the Help You Deserve from Hepworth & Associates

After a wrongful injury, such as a spinal injury, it is hard to say how long this injury affects your life. Is it short-term or life changing for the rest of your life? In most instances, your doctors cannot say for sure, which is why you need to be sure to collect the compensation you deserve stemming from your wrongful spinal injury.

The seasoned, experienced Hepworth & Associates in and around the Salt Lake City, Utah, work tirelessly to protect your compensation rights and in getting you a fair settlement to cover your losses, adding an umbrella of protection for your future

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