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Real Estate Eviction Attorneys in Utah

There are good tenants and bad ones, just as there are good landlords and bad ones. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, if you’re dealing with one of the bad ones, we handle that. Eviction Notices are very important.  The courts enforce them strictly.  That means, if the Eviction Notice is incorrect, the court will not evict the tenant.

Eviction law has been a cornerstone of our practice since the early days of Hepworth & Associates

When to Hire a Tenant-Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah to Help You with an Eviction Notice?

Landlords serve eviction notices to tenants for a variety of reasons, including non-payment of rent, smoking or other nuisance, unauthorized pets, etc.

  1. Unpaid Rent

    If you fail to pay rent, your landlord may serve a ‘three-day notice to pay or vacate.’ Generally, when a tenant receives this type of notice, you should immediately pay rent. You do not want to get evicted. Being evicted is extremely traumatic and extremely expensive.

    If you cannot pay rent, you should do everything in your power to exit the rental property before the end of the three-day notice period. If you have claims against your landlord, you can bring them in court after you vacate the property.

  2. Smoking or Other Nuisance

    A nuisance is something that interferes with another person’s use of their property. A classic example of a nuisance is smoke to drifting from your property to another person’s property. A landlord may serve you with a three-day eviction notice for nuisance. If you are creating a nuisance you must stop it immediately, otherwise you may be evicted.

    In Utah, it is unclear whether a landlord can evict a tenant if the tenant stops the nuisance. If you receive an eviction notice based on nuisance, you should contact a tenant-defense attorney to determine your best options.

  3. Unauthorized Pets

    A landlord may give you a ‘three-day notice to comply or vacate’ if you bring an unauthorized animal into your rental unit.

    You must remove the animal from the unit within three days, otherwise, you may be evicted. A possible exception to this rule is for support animals for disabled individuals.

Why Hire a Tenant Defense Attorney?

Many times, landlords serve eviction notices that are not valid. For example, you may have frequent visitors to your apartment. Your landlord may, wrongfully, assume that you have too many people living in the apartment. The landlord may serve an eviction notice.

Alternatively, a landlord may send an eviction notice by text or email (which is not a valid form of service).

We can help you prove to the court that the eviction notice you received is invalid. Along with showing that the eviction notice is invalid, there are several defenses and counterclaims that can be raised against your landlord in eviction cases, including fraud, breach of contract, contract waiver, modification, or violation of the Fair Housing Act.

An attorney can present your case in court. In many cases, we can keep you in your apartment and may even be able to win compensation for you.

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Because we represent both landlords and tenants, we know how to efficiently, effectively, and ethically represent both sides while anticipating—and avoiding—costly and prolonged legal maneuvering. Tenants deserve a clean, safe, and peaceful place to live. Landlords deserve tenants who pay their rent and respect the rental property. Whether your home is at stake or your investment, we preserve what you hold dear.

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