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Our Recent Case Results in Utah

Recent results:

$200K - Rear-ended at a stop sign. Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped at a stop sign, and rear-ended at a high rate of speed causing shoulder injuries.

$100K - Broadsided at a stop sign. Client was stopped at a stop sign, and broadsided by another passenger vehicle, causing back injuries.

$115K - Sideswiped on the freeway. Client's front tire was sideswiped while driving on the freeway, causing him to lose control of the vehicle. The client sustained back injuries.

$118K - Hit by a drunk driver at an intersection. Intoxicated driver turned left in front of client's oncoming vehicle, causing shoulder injuries.

$200K - Defamation. Client's reputation was defamed by an online company that posted false information about our client.

Deciding whether to settle or to go to trial is a difficult decision. Some law firms settle every case. When a firm only settles, they develop a reputation as a settler. However, when a firm goes to trial, the firm develops a reputation that they do not settle. Some have asked if making an offer is OK. Generally, the answer is yes. However, we prefer to press forward until the insurance company on the other side begs for settlement. Insurance companies would avoid a lot of problems if they would offer fair settlements. As they rarely do, we invite you to come to us. You deserve to get a settlement!