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When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney Utah to Help You With Your Real Estate Dispute?

There are many sources of disputes over real estate. Real estate disputes often involve a complex bundle of rights between a variety of stakeholders, including neighboring landowners, homeowners associations, city and county zoning boards, and Federal land managers.

Here are a few examples of common real estate disputes: You may have a boundary dispute with your neighbor. Perhaps your neighbor built on your side of the property line?

  1. You may have an agreement to sell your property, but the buyer backed out without a good reason.
  2. You may have a dispute over easements or restrictive covenants.
  3. You may have a dispute with a home-owners association regarding the use of your property.
  4. You may have purchased property and discovered that there was a latent defect that the seller or builder failed to disclose.
  5. You may have a trespasser or squatter on your property.
  6. If you have a dispute involving real estate, you should call an attorney to review your case. You may be entitled to compensation to vindicate your property rights.

Why Use a Real Estate Attorney?

Hepworth & Associates has experienced attorneys that can give you answers to your real estate questions. In many cases, we are able to obtain court judgments vindicating your real property rights, including compensation when your rights are violated.

Hepworth & Associates is a mid-size law firm. We are large enough to have the resources to professionally handle your difficult real estate cases. However, we are not too big. We know our clients by name and offer a personal touch to every case. We have a small, but devoted, clientele and work very hard to bring them justice.

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