Meet our staff at Hepworth & Associates.

Kyle D. Hoskins

Chief Operations Officer

Kyle D. Hoskins is the Chief Operations Officer of Hepworth & Associates. Kyle plays an integral role in the firm’s strategic planning and development of its litigation and business law practice areas. As a senior executive, Kyle is responsible for the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the firm. Kyle reports directly to the firm’s managing attorney, Michael K. Hepworth. Prior to Kyle taking the position as the firm’s Chief Operations Officer, Kyle advised and consulted with the Hepworth companies. Kyle’s expertise in business formation, mergers, and taxation, has enabled the firm to expand its practice areas to benefit the firm’s clients.

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Kelsie Eilers

Office Manager & Paralegal

Kelsie is committed to providing the best support and implementing expert research skills. She enjoys working with and helping families to get the best results for their situation. She does an outstanding job researching details of cases and working with clients. She is always willing to learn more things and help strengthen the team. She is committed to finalizing each case along at a steady speed. She has a passion for helping others and lights up everyone around her. She looks forward to many more projects and new opportunities.

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Aryel Daniels


Aryel is committed to keeping the clients involved in their case, making sure the case moves efficiently and maximizes the client’s settlements. An invaluable member of the personal injury team, Aryel is focused on achieving the best results for every client. Often people compliment Aryel for her punctuality, empathy, and attention to detail. Aryel overcomes obstacles in the case or difficult circumstances finding the best result for each situation. She welcomes opportunities to acquire additional knowledge, skills, and experience. She is looking forward to continuing her education with CLE and developing her skills in the legal field..

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Tamara Vukovic


Tamara is enthusiastically committed to keeping every lead and every client up to date and in the loop while making sure their questions and concerns are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. As a dedicated member of support staff, she is critical to the smooth operation of the firm and she ensures that everyone receives updates and scheduled on rapid basis. Born in Bosnia before immigrating to the United States, Tamara achieved success in the field of customer service and has received both her Associates Degree in Political Science at Salt Lake Community College and her paralegal certificate. Tamara is excited to continue to learn all she can about the legal field and intends to become a full time paralegal.

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