What is a Wrongful Death?

If your loved one’s death was caused by medical malpractice, distracted or drunk driving, a workplace accident, violence, or police misconduct, or other unexplained event it is important to consult with an experienced Utah wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can begin the process of collecting evidence, calculating financial losses, and handling insurance paperwork while you and your family focus on grieving and healing from the loss.

In every case, our Utah wrongful death lawyers work aggressively to obtain the maximum compensation available to you. We realize the loss of family member – especially if that family member was a bread winner – can be financially devastating. Our aggressive representation not only seeks to compensate you for your financial loss, but also attempts to provide justice and closure for your tragic loss.

Any negligent act, and even an act with intent to cause harm; resulting in a fatality is punishable by law. The law provides that the victims have a right to a monetary settlement for medication costs, rehabilitation expenses, ongoing care, diminished earning capacity and all other losses and costs incurred.

Insurance companies are known to offer a ‘low’ settlement, or even deny claims. At Hepworth Legal, we negotiate with the insurance companies, and ensure you get your deserved compensation. We do not let the insurance company walk away from their full responsibility.

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