What are my rights as a landlord?

As a landlord, it can seem like there are countless rules and responsibilities that you must comply with or you could get into trouble with your tenants. To properly follow all the rules that apply to landlord’s can be costly and confusing. At times, it may seem like you do not have any rights at all as a landlord. However, this is definitely not the case. Landlords have many rights and we can help you assert those rights.

FIRST and foremost, you have the absolute right to collect rent from you tenants. Housing people is a big responsibility and you deserve to be compensated for taking on that responsibility.

SECOND, you have the right to expect that your tenants will not damage your property beyond any normal wear and tear. When damage beyond normal wear and tear occurs, we call that waste in the legal world. Your tenants are not allowed to commit waste on your property.

THIRD, you have the right for your property to be free of illegal activities. As tenants, people can treat your property as their home and conduct a variety of activities. However, tenants cannot be involved in drug use or distribution, gang activity, prostitution, or any other criminal conduct. If your tenants are engaging in illegal activities, then you have the right to evict them immediately. We can help you follow the precise steps that need to be taken to make a criminal nuisance eviction efficient, and effective at a bargain price.

FOURTH, your lease agreement between you and your tenant is a contract. You both have agreed to follow certain rules in that lease. Therefore, as a landlord you have the right to expect that your tenants follow the rules contained in the lease agreement. If they don’t then you have the right to either correct the broken rule or possibly evict the tenant.

We Can Help You Assert Your Rights

Our law firm is the emerging leader in Utah landlord/tenant disputes. We work effective and efficiently to evict tenants who have infringed on your rights. Our expert attorneys know what it takes to get possession of your property back and we can help you navigate the precise procedures that need to take place to evict your tenants and do it right.

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