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The question of where children of divorcing parents will live, and what sort of access each parent will have to those children, is one of the most difficult and contentious issues in family law. Such disputes also often arise after a divorce has been granted. (See more about Modifications.)

How Does Parent-Time Work in Utah?

Although Utah statutes define a minimum parent-time schedule in cases of sole physical custody parents may follow whatever schedule they wish if they are able to agree upon one.

It is often helpful to begin with a well-established schedule and then modify it to suit the specifics of your situation. Some of the most common parent-time schedules for children aged 5 to 18 are listed below; for the recommended schedule for children aged 0 to 5, please see Utah Code §30-3-35.5.

Statutory Minimum Schedule

See Utah Code Annotated §30-3-35

Alternating weekends and a weekly visit for the noncustodial parent, plus additional time in summer and on certain holidays

Optional Statutory Schedule

See Utah Code Annotated §30-3-35.1

Similar to the above, but lengthens the alternating weekend to three nights instead of two, and changes the weekly visit to an overnight visit.

Week-On / Week-Off Schedule

As the name implies, the child resides with one parent for a 7-day period and the other parent for the following 7-day period. Sunday evening is typically used as the time to exchange the child.

“2-2-5” Schedule

Although the name can be confusing, this schedule is simply another way for the parents to have equal amounts of time with the child. One parent has the child on Monday and Tuesday every week, while the other parent has the child on Wednesday and Thursday every week. The parents then alternate Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We Can Help

Unfortunately, many parents tend to think more in terms of what they want for themselves – more time with their child, compatibility with work schedules, convenience – than what schedule would be in their child’s best interest. Our family law practitioners help you to see this emotional issue from all angles, and work with you to get a parent-time schedule in place that meets your child’s needs and respects your parental rights.

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