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Michael K. Hepworth

Michael is the Founding Partner of Hepworth & Associates, LLC. He is also the Principal Broker and President of Hepworth & Fisher, LLC located in Bountiful, Utah, and Vice President and General Counsel for Hepworth Investment Group, LLC, which is a real estate development company.

Christopher G. Young

Chris is the Managing Attorney at Hepworth & Associates, LLC where he has the opportunity to assist attorneys in the firm to ensure their clients receive the best representation possible as efficiently as possible.

Benjamin L. Lawrence

Benjamin Lawrence focuses on developing quality relationships with clients and providing them with dedicated and personalized service.

M. Tanner Clagett

Tanner takes great efforts to bring civility and empathy to often heated issues, but he remains a dogged advocate. He has argued dozens of hearings in court, and has successfully defended clients at trial from serious and contentious litigation.

Tyler S. Call

Tyler S. Call is passionate about solving legal problems--often without going to court. Whether it’s in the courtroom or the across the negotiation table, Tyler loves advocating for the underdog and helping people slay the “Giants” in their lives. 

Sonja L. Jorgensen, Esq.

Sonja practices family law and general practice at Hepworth & Associates. She is passionate about fighting for what is right and enjoys going to court – district, juvenile, or federal. 

Personal Injury

If you have been injured, even in the most unexpected of ways, call us.

Criminal Defense

When the police, and the criminal justice system, are involved, every second—and every statement—counts.


It is crucial, if you are contemplating or going through a divorce, that you lean on the best support that is available.

Real Estate Law

Property laws and property rights influence our lives every day.


Our Utah Litigation Attorneys are often referred to as “Pit Bulls.” We take that as a compliment.

Family Law

Family law matters range from adoption, domestic partnerships, protective orders, prenuptial agreements, child welfare and of course issues arising from separation and divorce.