Protecting Victims of Consumer Fraud

In the US, there are over 550,000 consumer fraud related cases that are filed each year. Fraud Victims often do not know where to find help os whom to trust. Hepworth Legal understands the frustration and confusion you may feel after being taken advantage of, and that is why our Salt Lake City Law firm is determined to take the fight to the fraudster to get your money back, so you can move on with life.

Our team of experienced advocates will work with you through every step of the lawsuit. We are dedicated to ensuring you get justice when you are held up in consumer fraud.

Facts About Consumer-Related Fraud

Consumer fraud is rampant in Utah and the whole of US today. Americans are losing up to $1.2 billion in these criminal activities. Some common consumer fraud includes:

  • Foreign money offers
  • Computer equipment and software
  • Shop at home and catalog sales
  • Internet auctions
  • Health care and insurance
  • Magazine and buyers’ clubs
  • Advance-free loans and credit protection

Whenever you fall prey to any of these frauds, we are here to help you out. Consumer fraud is a crime and those who participate need to be brought to book and face legal penalties. These crimes are draining people of their hard-earned cash. Mainly this fraud occurs after initial contact with the victim. It may involve internet solicitation over email or malicious websites. Contact us today to bring these criminals to justice.

Consumer Fraud Attorneys of Utah Are Here to Help

Proving a consumer fraud case is no easy task. It requires experienced advocates to help you through the rough lawsuit. This is one of the major reasons we are in Utah, with our main offices in Salt Lake City, to help you out in seeking consumer fraud justice and compensation.

Victims of the consumer fraud have a right to monetary compensation for damages and all the costs and losses incurred. In most cases, insurance companies will try all that is in their power to evade their responsibilities. Mostly, they offer a ‘low-ball’ settlement, deny claims or even abandon the victims completely. At Hepworth Legal Attorneys, we do negotiations with your insurance company to ensure you are compensated.

When you bring such a case to us, we do an extensive investigation and build a strong case. We have the best personal injury lawyers to build such cases for you. We also understand the agony of doing paperwork, so we manage all necessary forms for you as you find time to recover and attend to your family. Do not let insurance companies walk away from responsibilities!

Victim of Consumer Fraud?

Consumer fraud can lead to major losses, which is the primary reason you need experienced advocates to help you out. We have been handling consumer fraud cases in Utah for years, and work relentlessly to ensure you get a fair settlement to compensate the losses. We know how to protect you.

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