Real Estate Timeshares

Real Estate Timeshares: There is an old saying: “There is no such thing as a free puppy.” The gist of the saying is, of course, that if a deal seems too good to be true… it is. The timeshare is Exhibit A in the “too good to be true” canon. While a timeshare may be the perfect solution for some people’s vacationing agenda, for others it becomes a seemingly inescapable nightmare of unexpected fees and an unsellable interest.

Timeshare Contracts Design

Timeshare contracts are built to keep you on the hook. They are designed to keep you locked in. If the cancellation period (usually only a few days) has expired, then getting out takes more than just a friendly smile. We can help. Our experienced real estate attorneys are well-versed in all manner of lease and sales contracts, including timeshare contracts. If you are stuck in a timeshare, there are solutions.

We have helped people exit timeshares. The contracts are written to “keep you close” for many years to come. The contracts attempt to make it easier to pay than to get out. If you are in such a situation, please gather all the information and give us a call.

if you are thinking about buying a timeshare, remember that it is very expensive to get out. There are ongoing fees for

  • maintenance
  • HOA dues
  • transfer fees
  • sublet fees
  • exchange fees and
  • more

Timeshares are designed to create a stream of profit to the seller. Even if you want to sell it, the contracts make that almost impossible.

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