Partnerships & Operating Agreements Lawyer in Utah

According to the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, almost 60% of all business entities are formed without the assistance of an attorney. The most likely reason for this is because as a business owner you are smart and resourceful and can problem solve. Therefore, you are able and willing to file the required documents needed to form a business entity yourself.

However, there are many considerations to account for when creating a new business enterprise. One of the most critical things to get right and get it right the first time around is your operating agreement. An operating agreement is simply a document that states the “rules of road” in your business. These agreements are helpful in every business endeavor, so that business partners and shareholders can resolve disputes that may occur in the future.

Protect Your Interests

Operating agreements govern, among other things, the financial and managerial aspects of your business. While operating agreements are not required in Utah to operate your LLC or partnership, they are highly advisable. Our local business attorneys can make sure your interests are protected and that your business runs smoothly by creating an effective operating agreement.

How can we help?

Creating a new business entity can seem like a tedious task. There are so many factors to consider and you want to make the right decisions now, so that you can run your business free from legal issues. This is what we do. Our expert lawyers can not only draft your operating agreement, we can also file all the necessary paperwork with the State of Utah for an IRS Employment Identification Number and State Tax Commission licenses.

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