Protecting Victims of Swimming Pool Accidents in Utah

Most swimming pool accidents involve children and are the second leading cause of death of children, after motor vehicle accidents. However, numerous other less fatal, yet thoroughly incapacitating hazards can occur in and around the pool, such as slips and falls, diving related accidents, and other injuries caused by faulty pool equipment. Victims of these types of swimming pool accidents have the right to receive monetary compensation for their medical expenses, ongoing care, lost income, rehabilitation, damages, diminished earning capacity, and for any other costs and losses.

The benefit of having insurance and paying premiums is the financial security insurance provides in the event of dire circumstances. Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently make efforts to avoid following through on their promises. Some companies might even try to take advantage of their customers by offering low-ball settlements, denying a claim, or disregarding their clients completely. That is why it is so important to obtain a personal injury lawyer who is aware of some of these pitfalls, to be able to look after your best interests, and if necessary fight for your case in court.

When you contact Hepworth Legal, you empower yourself and our company to maximize your chances of obtaining compensation by:

  1. Conducting a full investigation of the swimming pool accident. Our experienced legal team examines the scene, take photographs, and obtain any evidence. After countless swimming pool accident cases, we know what to look for and how to use the information to build an unbeatable case.
  2. Communicate and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company. We make sure the insurance company does undercut what you are due to cover your accident-related expenses. We make sure you are treated fairly with the proper compensation.
  3. Complete your legal paperwork. Our attorneys deal with the legal paperwork related to your case, so victims can focus on recovering.

Have you been injured in a swimming pool accident? It could potentially take days or even weeks to realize the full impact of your injuries, which can result in expensive medical treatment, time off work, as well as physical and mental pain and anguish. Hepworth Legal know just how to protect you after a swimming pool accident. We stay with you every step of the way, informing you of your options, and helping ensure the maximum settlement for your future.

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