Father’s Rights Attorneys in Utah

All too often, our society’s view of fathers too closely reflects their portrayal in media like television. They are Homer Simpsons or Al Bundys. They are lazy, disinterested, and inept parents. The traditional worldview—a worldview that no longer holds true in so many cases—is that Dad is too busy “breadwinning” to be involved in his children’s lives.

Father’s Have Rights

But the real world just doesn’t jibe with this dated image. Families come in more than one shape. Anymore, fathers are every bit as involved as mothers. They multitask and hustle and care for the kids just like mothers do

Unfortunately, and in many cases, this reality hasn’t seeped into the consciousness of a system tasked with awarding custodial rights. This means that, as a father, you often begin the divorce/custodial process with the deck stacked against you for no other reason than your gender.

Experience Matters to Protect Your Rights

At Hepworth Legal, the interests of your children are a fundamental concern. If you are a father seeking to provide for those interests, please let us help you demonstrate your capacity as a parent. Where every day with your kids is greater and more important that the last, let us help you to insure many more to come. If you are considering divorce or striving to assert your right to be with your children, call us today.

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