Contract Disputes Lawyer in Utah

Contract disputes in Utah are quite common. The reality is that contracts surface in places that you would not have thought they existed. For example, when you use gmail, you are bound by the terms of a contract. Also, when you watch a video on Youtube or view news on, you enter into a contract.

In fact, almost everything in your life is governed by a contract. Contracts have become an essential tool in commercial transactions. Most of these contracts are written by lawyers, but not all. Some contracts, whether written by lawyers or not, are not well written.

Contract disputes arise for many reasons. Call us to talk to us about your contract dispute. Here are a few reasons people disagree about contracts:

  • Contract is confusing or ambiguous
  • Contract is one-sided
  • Contract was never formed
  • Contract was never signed
  • The contract has been fulfilled
  • It would be impossible to fulfill the terms of the contract
  • And many more reasons

When one person involved in a contract fails to complete their portion of the contract, we call that a breach. Breaches are fairly common, and it is common for two people to disagree on what a contract says and what the obligations are to each other.

A Sword or a Shield?

Contracts are tools used to bind two parties to an agreement. When you entered into the agreement, it was most likely meant to benefit both you and the other party. The terms of a contract can be used a sword or as a shield. They can be sword to help you enforce the terms of contract so that the other party performs their side of the contract. Contract terms can also be used as a shield to protect you against overreach from the other party. Either way it is our job to protect your right under the contract, whether the contract needs to be used as a sword or a shield.

Understanding and Proving Party Intent in Ambiguous Contract Language

Even though you agreed to the terms of the contract on the day it was signed, disputes can arise when you feel like the other party has not fulfilled their side of the bargain. Disputes are related to issues of ambiguous language, definitions of words, assertions, and timelines are the most common form of contractual disputes. It then becomes our goal to convince a court that the contract means what you think it means. This can be done by finely crafted arguments from our experienced team of Utah litigators.

How Can We Help?

A good contract with clear language can make all the difference between a successful business deal and a disastrous one. Our expert business attorneys can review and assist in drafting any contract that you need to sign. It is our goal to stop problems before they happen, but if you are experiencing a contract dispute right now we can help untangle the loopholes, ambiguous language, and hidden meanings.

As Utah civil litigators, we have a proven track record of helping resolve contractual disputes of every kind for our clients.

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