Protecting Survivors of Sex Attacks and Rape in Utah

Sexual assault and rape are crimes that affect men, women, and children alike. The trauma from the assault can have both short and long-term impacts on the survivor’s life. However, in the aftermath of an attack, everyone reacts differently. Some of the reactions include shock, denial, fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, insecurity, mood swings, nightmare, and flashbacks, feeling unable to talk about it, fear of intimacy among others.

Hepworth Legal understand that it isn’t your fault, and helps you deal with the frustrations and confusion that a survivor goes through. We believe that criminals guilty of committing such a terrible act must be brought to justice, and our experienced personal injury lawyers will help you get a fair settlement you deserve. Our attorneys will also guide you in understanding your rights as a survivor of rape or sexual assault. These rights include:

  • Right to be treated with respect, decency, and sensitivity
  • Right to be informed about the arrest and arraignment of the perpetrator, plea negotiations, court proceedings, trial, sentencing, appeals, release, or escape of the attacker.
  • Right to protection, depending on the jurisdiction: A survivor may receive protection like police escorts, relocation, witness protection programs, and we can also help you get restraining orders against the offender.
  • Right to apply for compensation: The aim of the compensation is to acknowledge the survivor’s financial losses and assist them in covering costs like medical and counseling expenses, funeral expenses, and lost wages.
  • Right to restitution from the offender: This right aims at holding the perpetrator directly responsible to survivors for the monetary loss they caused. The court can order the attacker to pay the restitution either in a series of payments or a lump sum. We can help you get the restitution and cover losses such as lost wages and insurance deductibles.

Although most sexual assault cases require a great deal of effort to get full compensation, getting a personal injury attorney who can fight for your best interest is the real game changer in receiving a fair settlement. In Hepworth Legal, we believe that insurance companies should take care of the survivors. However, many are the occasions the companies avoid the responsibility. They may take advantage of the survivors by offering a minimal settlement, denying the claim, or abandonment. With us, we can maximize your chances of getting a fair settlement. We will assist you by going over the facts associated with your case, and ask any questions that you might have in order to build your case and get the resolution that you desire. Our experienced attorneys will:

  • Investigate the assault: We believe that each sex attack or rape case needs a comprehensive approach. Our experienced team has investigated many sex assault cases, and we know how and what to look for to establish a strong case. The legal team will collect and analyze evidence to ensure that justice is served.
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company: An insurance company normally works in their own best interest and not yours and will pay as little as possible or even deny claims. With us, we will fight for you to ensure the insurance company compensates you accordingly.
  • Help you complete all the legal paperwork: Being assaulted sexually is traumatizing, and we understand that filling the in the legal papers can be an addition to your pain. We will help you with the paperwork and allow you the time to recover.

Sexual attack and rape can wreck and devastate a survivor, and the effects can last for months, years, or even a lifetime. The physical injuries and financial harms are also shattering. Our attorneys at Hepworth Legal will help you get full compensation to help during this trying moment.

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