Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Utah

An uncontested divorce can be much less destructive to your children, your sanity, and your finances than a contested divorce. Obtaining a Divorce through the uncontested divorce process allows spouses to come to a resolution without the stress and anxiety that come with contested divorces. Do you want to give it a try? Call us get more details on how to make your divorce less expensive and less destructive.

Consideration for Filing an Uncontested Divorce

Before filing an uncontested divorce action in Utah, you will want to consider the following major issues that will need to be resolved between you and your spouse:

  1. Child custody and visitation,
  2. Child support, health and other insurance coverage,
  3. Alimony or spousal support,
  4. Division of real property,
  5. Division of personal property,
  6. Division of debts and assets, and
  7. Any other issues that are specific to your marriage.

Formalities of a Divorce by Stipulation

Although uncontested divorces may make the divorce process much more simple, there are still formalities that you need to adhere to when going through the divorce process. These include determining which court is the appropriate court to file in and what required documents that you need to file with the court. Also, not all divorces stay uncontested despite the good intentions of both parties. Use an attorney to keep the process moving smoothly.

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