Fighting Tickets and Driving Violations in Utah

Tickets can be a problem. Give us a call to fight back. Driving violations add up! Sometimes you have to fight to

  • Prevent the loss of your driver’s license
  • Keep your insurance rates from going up
  • Establish liability in an accident
  • Keep from getting fired
  • Protect your reputation

We come to depend on our car.  We try to obey the rules, but when tickets pile up, we can lose more than just $50.  We can lose our job, car, money, and even go to jail.

Most of the Tickets and Driving Violations appear to be small problems. But, ignoring them or not understanding them can create major problems.

Criminal Penalties v. Driving Privileges

There are two different battlefields where tickets and driving violations are fought:

  • The court system.
  • The State Driver’s License Division, or “DLD”

Driving violations are prosecuted in Justice Court or District Court.  The judges decide whether a crime was committed and what type of penalty to apply. The penalty may include fines and time in jail.

However, the other battlefield is with the Utah State Driver’s License Division. The State Driver’s License Division, or “DLD” for short, has the authority to suspend or revoke your driver’s license based on driving crimes. This occurs in a separate set of proceedings and you often have very strict and very short deadlines to request a hearing with the DLD.

If you receive a DUI (driving after drinking or using drugs), the DLD will try to take your driver’s license away.  Call us.  The DLD may also take your license if you have Multiple traffic violations in a short period of time.

If you miss these deadlines you very often have waived your right to them.

We can help!

At Hepworth Legal, our expert criminal defense attorneys can help you navigate both the DLD and the criminal court system to protect your rights and to keep your driver’s license. In some cases we can work to keep the charges off your criminal record or get them dismissed entirely.

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