Jennie Jonsson stands as a distinguished figure in Utah’s legal community, having provided unparalleled legal expertise since 2005. With an in-depth understanding of real estate law, Jennie particularly excels in the intricacies of mortgage closings, a niche where her knowledge is both deep and broad.

Since 2009, Jennie’s legal journey has seen her work with various State agencies in the esteemed role of an administrative law judge. Here, she’s overseen a multitude of cases spanning from regulatory compliance and consumer protection to professional licensing, public utility ratemaking, workers’ compensation, and even matters pertaining to workplace discrimination, safety, and child welfare. This vast experience has positioned her as a preeminent authority in administrative law.

At Hepworth Legal, Jennie’s contribution is invaluable. Her background as a former judge not only offers a unique lens through which to view cases but also elevates the firm’s caliber by introducing a judicial perspective that is rare and insightful.

Furthermore, as a court-certified mediator, Jennie seamlessly combines her legal acumen with her innate ability to foster resolutions. She staunchly believes that her foremost duty as an advocate goes beyond mere representation; it is to be a catalyst for problem-solving, ensuring that her clients always find the most amicable and beneficial solutions.


Attorney at Law


  • J.D. from BYU in 2005
  • MA. from BYU in 1993 in theater and film with an emphasis in theater education.
  • B.S. from Northern Arizona University, December 1990 in English with a teaching certificate and a minor in vocal performance.