Protecting Victims of Civil Rights Violations

The Constitution of the United States guarantees all US citizens their civil rights. Civil rights refer to the rights of all individuals to receive equal treatment. As such, in settings such as housing, employment, education and more, the rights to be free from discrimination and unfair treatment are legally protected. Equality should be guaranteed regardless of sex, race, age, religion, disability, national origin or any other characteristics.

Although these rights are guaranteed by both federal and state laws, the confusion that follows after your civil rights have been violated may make it difficult to know whom to trust. At Hepworth Legal, we understand just how confusing and frustrating it can get. As such, our Law Firm in Salt Lake City has dedicated itself to help you to get the compensation you deserve after your civil rights have been violated, which should help you to move forward with your life.

To ensure that we offer you the best legal services, we hire the most qualified and experienced personal injury advocates to guide you through the process of seeking compensation for the violation of your civil rights. Moreover, we have four convenient locations across the state of Utah to serve you. In case your civil rights have been violated, please call 801-895-4408 or fill out our initial consultation form online and find out how we can help you.

Our Utah Civil Rights Violation Attorneys Can Help

Due to concerns for their safety, most victims of civil rights violations do not report their cases. What most citizens do not know is that they have a right to monetary settlement if their civil rights are violated. For instance, if a citizen sustains physical injuries after being injured by police on the grounds of their race, the monetary settlement enables them to move forward with life. This is achieved by using compensation to cover medical expenses, ongoing care, rehabilitation costs, lost income, any damages as well as other losses and costs.

If you have insurance and the violation of your civil rights results in physical injuries, your insurance provider should move in and take care of your while you are in need. Indeed, the premiums you have been paying to the insurance company should be used to cover your medical costs. When your physical injuries leave you incapacitated, some insurers will try to avoid their responsibilities. Some unscrupulous insurance companies will either offer you low-ball settlements, deny a claim or abandon you altogether in that state.

The Right Legal Representation Makes All the Difference

Talking to and hiring the services of a personal injury lawyer can help to ensure that they fight for your rights within the law. For this reason, when you suffer civil rights violation, you should reach out to a qualified lawyer immediately. Once you contact the civil rights lawyers at any of our locations across Utah, we move in to maximize your chances of being fairly compensated and to ensure that your rights are protected. We do this by:

  • Investigating the civil rights violation
  • We have experience from handling numerous civil rights violation cases. Therefore, we know what steps to take to build a strong case in your favor. Our team visits the scene, take photographs and collect more evidence.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company and stand up to the insurer to make sure that you get fair compensation in line with your policy.
  • Complete all the legal paperwork

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