Mother’s Rights Attorneys in Utah

We love to help mothers. Mother’s Rights are often overlooked because of the volume from the Father’s Rights crowd.

Don’t lose hope. Most mothers have been the central figure in their child’s life. The Courts know this. When the mother’s role is threatened by advocacy that is inaccurate and untrue, we can help. We believe that every child should keep their parents. We fight bullies everyday to help every child keep their parents.

You may have noticed that we also provide “Father’s Rights” services. That is because we believe in representing good parents who need our help, be they mothers or fathers. We understand that there are real people, good people, caught on both sides of a tough situation. We have the knowledge and ability to represent both mothers and fathers effectively. For you—the mother, or just “Mom”—that simply means we are well-equipped to address anything that may come our way.

In the end, we advocate for children. All judges put children first. The attorney who forgets this ends up throwing mud and just getting dirty. the attorney who remembers this is able to persuade and advocate effectively. Call is for a case review.

Children are Best Served when Parents Cooperate

At Hepworth Legal, we believe that, in most cases, children are best served by parents who can work together to settle problems outside of court. All too often, though, requires a bit of friendly persuasion. We can provide this touch to avoid court where possible. But our goal is the same as your goal: To protect the best interests of your children… always.

We are a rapidly expanding Utah law firm that does whatever it takes to keep that “personal touch” that so many lawyers seem to have forgotten. We are determined to provide you with the highest level of legal service you can find anywhere in the United States. Our attorneys are loyal to the core, responsive, and aggressive when needed. We have no doubt that you will be impressed, and we hope we’ll be considered your attorneys for life. If you are considering divorce or needing help to protect your rights and those of your children, please call us today.

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