Our Litigation

We are litigation attorneys. We are often referred to as “Pit Bulls.” We take that as a compliment. Perhaps this title has been bestowed upon us because of our passion for seeing that our clients receive justice. We fight for you. We protect your legal rights. We are loyal. We are strong. Learn more about our team.

Our attorneys fight for victims against bullies. It is common to be asked, “What will happen if I don’t hire an attorney?” We often respond, “Then the biggest bully will likely win.” People then become upset and feel that the “justice system” is failing our country.

We sometimes feel that the system is unfair as well. However, we realize that the system of justice is designed as an “adversarial” system. This means that the judge (sometimes passively) listens to each side and then makes a decision. If one side presents facts in a biased favorable light, the other side must know how to show the judge the reasons that the “biased” viewpoint is not to be trusted. If no one contradicts the biased evidence, the judge is justified in ruling based on that evidence.

Litigators advocate in this process–putting forth the evidence to support the judge’s decision in their party’s favor. Without the litigator, the bully wins.

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