Gender and LGBTQ Discrimination Attorney in Utah

Following gender or LGBT discrimination, it can sometimes be difficult to know who to trust. However, there are legal options you can pursue. Hepworth Legal understands the struggles you’re facing, and the anger you feel after being subjected to gender or LGBT discrimination.

Hepworth Legal’s firm in Salt Lake City is dedicated to ensuring you receive the appropriate compensation for your trouble, so you are allowed to move on with your life. Our personal injury consultants are experienced and work with you throughout the entire process. Calling or filling out the initial consultation form begins the process. We offer four convenient locations across Utah to assist you in this difficult time.

Gender and LGBT Discrimination Settlements

Victims of gender or LGBT discrimination are entitled to monetary settlements for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, ongoing care, diminished earning capacity, lost income, damages, and other costs. The effects of such discrimination are complex and it can take time to fully realize the damage the discrimination has caused for the victim. Insurance companies are expected to do their job and help victims in need of assistance. Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to avoid responsibility however they can and leave you on your own.

Handling the Insurance Companies

Sometimes, insurance companies will use various methods in an attempt to take advantage of you. One of these methods is offering a low-ball settlement. Another is outright denying your claim, while some may go as far as to abandon you completely. Acquiring an experienced and trustworthy personal injury lawyer who to represent your interests competently is an extremely important step to take after suffering gender and/or LGBT discrimination.

Discrimination Lawyers of Utah

Get in touch with the Utah Gender and LGBT discrimination lawyers at our firm. They do their best to maximize your chances of getting fair compensation by investigating the discrimination, negotiating with the insurance company, and through other means. Our firm has investigated countless cases of gender and LGBT discrimination, and we know what we have to find in order to build a good case.

Our legal team analyzes the workplace practices, take statements, and collect evidence to help build your case. As mentioned previously, negotiating with the insurance company is part of the services we offer. Sometimes, the insurance company offers you a ‘lowball’ settlement, which might be insufficient to pay for the accident and related expenses. We hold firm and negotiate with the insurance company to make sure you receive fair compensation for the damages and expenses incurred due to the discrimination.

We also take charge of completing legal paperwork. If you’ve suffered gender and/or LGBT discrimination, we handle the paperwork for you, so you can concentrate on recovering from the discrimination and spending time with your family. Our firm ensures that the insurance company does not abandon you and awards you reasonable compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured.

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We have handled many discrimination cases in Utah. We do our utmost to ensure you receive a fair compensation. Our professional team of attorneys offers:

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It can remain difficult to accurately assess the full extent of your injuries after gender and/or LGBT discrimination. Sometimes the injuries are only apparent after some time has passed; It can take days or even weeks to fully see the impact of your injuries. This time delay can result in high medical bills, income loss, and quite a bit of suffering and pain.

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