Protecting Victims of Bus Accidents

Any accident involving a vehicle can be frightening and leave you feeling confused and a little frustrated. This is especially true when you are the passenger of a large vehicle of mass transportation. Unlike the transportation or insurance companies, Hepworth Legal consider you to be the priority consideration in the matter of the accident. Based in Salt Lake City, with three other locations in Utah, our personal injury experts advocate for the compensation that you need to move on with your life. Our exceptional services are just a consultation away.

Our Bus Accident Attorneys in Utah Can Help

A settlement from such an accident comprises many factors:

  • Damages
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing care
  • Rehabilitation costs

Each case is unique and carries its own set of variables, and personal injury specialists are aware of contributing factors that may not even occur to you.

Vehicles used for mass public transportation are insured, and this insurance coverage extends to passengers, but the insurance company’s two priorities are the company itself and then the policyholder. The insurance company is interested in paying out as little money as possible. Some have been known to take advantage of a victim’s confusion and frustration, and try to get an agreement from them before they seek legal counsel, which gives them no time to think clearly and thoroughly.

We Protect Your Rights and Interests

If you don’t know to ask, you won’t, and the insurance company is not going to volunteer any information or offer any additional consideration, even though you may be entitled. Insurance companies have more than just you to consider when analyzing a claim. Attorneys have a legal and professional frame of reference that is not common public knowledge. The bus accident lawyers at our various locations in Utah have the experience and practiced skills to maximize your chances of fair compensation through maximum efforts like:

  • Investigating the accident: When we investigate the accident, we visit the scene of the crash to take photographs, and collect evidence and any other relevant information that helps us to build a strong case in your favor.
  • Negotiating with the Insurance Company: Insurance companies like to play some form or another of a game called “low ball” when it comes to settling claims. A lowball settlement is designed to give victims a false sense of security in what appears to be a generous lump sum of money. It does not take all of your subsequent issues into consideration, and soon turns into insufficient compensation that cannot be amended or challenged. Our team of players knows that expenses for your medical bills and other immediate obligations are just the beginning of what your settlement needs to include.
  • Completing Legal Paperwork: Money is not the only need that you have. You also need time to heal physically and to recover mentally from a traumatic experience. Filling out stacks of legal paperwork, especially if you are untrained and inexperienced, will be more than tedious. Not only do we know what to say, but also how to say it. You don’t want to shortchange yourself by divulging information that only helps to suppress your claim.

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The full extent of your injuries will not be known until they have time to manifest. We have handled thousands of accident cases in Utah, and work hard to guide you through the process of the aftermath of the crash. Your settlement is the foundation of your future.

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