Family Law


Divorces happen. And while that may be an unfortunate truth, it is also important to recognize that a divorce can be among the healthiest and most life-affirming choices that a person can make.


In Utah, there are three ways to establish paternity: (1) a voluntary declaration of paternity; (2) an administrative paternity order; and (3) a judicial paternity order.

Child Custody & Support

Utah Courts take child custody decisions very seriously. When considering custody of minor children, courts are not allowed to take into consideration the gender of the parent seeking custody.


Adoption is a beautiful and complex process whose participants may be left needing answers.

Mother's Rights

We love to help mothers. Mother's Rights are often overlooked because of the volume from the Father's Rights crowd.

Father's Rights

Families come in more than one shape. Anymore, fathers are every bit as involved as mothers. They multitask and hustle and care for the kids just like mothers do.