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5 Stars, 200+ Reviews

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Slander & Libel

Slander or libel can affect business, health, & relationships. We can help you repair your reputation and obtain justice.

Fact-Based Investigation

Dodge the hassle and let us handle all the very specific requirements and fact-based investigations of defamation law.

Case Strategy & Complaint

Develop a strategy to win your case. File the legal complaint and witness the defendant being served with the lawsuit documents.

Interrogatories & Deposition

Win the case with clear interrogatories and depositions that can help all parties learn about the facts.

Settlement Negotiations

Structure a settlement that benefits both parties, but it’s our priority to lead you to the winning side during this process.

Workplace Defamation

Harmful written or verbal allegations can be considered defamation. Set a legal course if you’ve been a victim of one.

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Hepworth Legal has hundreds of 5 Star Reviews, see what our clients have to say about us.

Tyler Call and the entire team at Hepworth were focused on achieving a positive outcome. Their efforts resulted in a win for my interests. I strongly recommend Hepworth for you.

Jason Burger

Hepworth & Associates are wonderful people who care about you as a client, are knowledgeable, and are excellent advocates to have in your legal corner. I highly recommend it!

Brian Hart

I was very relieved and impressed when I found Hepworth and Associates. Being a tenant in an unjust eviction, it was great to find a law firm that actually listened to and believed my case.

Natalia Kay

We Do Not Settle For Mediocre Results.

During our initial consultation, you will see that we are different. We want to understand your situation and what is important to you. We want to be there for you, whether it’s fighting for the best possible outcome in your personal visit. You need to like your lawyer. You need to trust your lawyer. You need to know that he or she has your back no matter what. These are just some of the reasons why we’re different. Please get in contact with us today to find out for yourself why people say we are among the best attorneys in Utah. We are here to help you and protect your rights.

– Michael Hepworth, Founder of Hepworth Legal

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