We Help You Focus on Healing

In addition to the physical pain that stem from burns and explosions, there is a great deal of emotional trauma involved. You and your family members are entitled to receive compensation should you be injured from burns. Regardless of whether you’ve been accidentally burned or by the negligence of others, you’ll need help in getting a proper settlement to cover your losses. The attorneys at Hepworth & Associates in Utah are here to help you through the complete process of getting the best settlement for you or your loved ones’ injuries and loss. You can put your efforts into recovery and leave the legal issues to us.

Types of Burns

Getting severely burned can happen in several ways. You can experience severe burns from open fires and explosions. Here are few examples:

  • Open fires for burning leaves or campfires
  • Clothing that catches on fire
  • Natural gas or LP gas explosions
  • Furnace explosions
  • Faulty furnaces, water heaters or dryers
  • Gas can explosions
  • Vehicle accidents

Any type of burn can alter your life as you know it. After your accident, you may be at a loss as to who you can trust with legal matters. You’ll need to be concentrating on recovering from your injuries. This is where Hepworth & Associates steps in. We expertly handle your case with compassion and confidentiality. We get you the full settlement you deserve quickly and efficiently.

What to Expect After Your Burn/Explosion Accident

Depending on the severity of your accident, you may be required to stay in the hospital. Burns are one of the most difficult types of injuries to treat, and one of the most expensive. Because of the possibility of disfigurement from burns, you may need extensive physical treatments and counseling while you’re there. We’ll make sure you get reimbursement and coverage for all your medical bills.

Our Experts Investigate the Incident for You

Recovering from burn injuries can be a lengthy process even after you get out of the hospital. You’ll have medical appointments to attend, therapies and rehabilitation programs, and most undoubtedly a loss of work. We’ll take care of investigating the burn incident, collecting all the pertinent information, and handling all the paperwork for you. Our offices are experienced in dealing with all aspects of injuries from burns.

If you need any information regarding your case, our friendly team responds to you quickly and efficiently. All your information is handled confidentially, and with respect. Our attorneys work diligently to make sure you’ll receive the full settlement you deserve.

Insurance Company Negotiations

After any type of accident, dealing with an insurance company can be difficult and time-consuming. The insurance agency will try to “lowball” you into a quick settlement. After paying premiums to them for full coverage, you deserve to receive a full settlement. We negotiate all the red tape and paperwork it takes to ensure you your benefits are just.

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