What is Considered as an Aerial Accident?

When you think of accidents involving airplanes, your first thought would be of a crash. There are several types of incidents that fall under the category of aerial accidents. Whatever has happened to you or your loved ones’ regarding aircraft incidences, Hepworth & Associates will be able to help you reach your full settlement.

Anything involving aircraft and accidents is considered under aerial law. Flights themselves are broken down into several categories. There are commercial, helicopter, and general aviation accidents, which covers both private and small aircraft.

Disastrous crashes are rare. If death were to occur, our compassionate and experienced lawyers would ensure that your remaining family members receive compensation for their losses quickly and efficiently. If you are injured in an airplane crash, we will take care of negotiating with insurance companies and handle all the appropriate paperwork.

Other things can happen while you’re in flight. Some things that might occur include:

  • Injury during air turbulence
  • Faulty equipment on an aircraft (seats, airbags)
  • Injury during an emergency evacuation of a plane
  • Boarding and disembarking from the plane
  • Claiming luggage in the terminal
  • Negligence of equipment in the terminal, including escalators

Other types of accidents can occur in the air terminal itself or while walking to and from an aircraft.

Whether you’ve been injured in the air or on the grounds of an airport, you are entitled to compensation for any injuries, medical bills and any loss of income. Injuries that aren’t severe still require medical care and can cause valuable time off work. It is your right to be reimbursed for any hardships an accident causes you or your family. It is important to note that regardless of your location when an aerial accident occurs, you are entitled to a settlement to cover your losses. Many people travel abroad, but the location of an accident has no bearing on your rights.

What You Should Do If You’ve Been Involved in an Aerial Accident

If you’ve been involved in any type of aerial accident, find witnesses to the incident and get as much as information as you can. This will be important to your case. Call Hepworth & Associates for immediate consultation. Your initial consultation with our offices is done at no charge. We will help you by negotiating with the airline insurance company, and your personal insurance company. Airline companies are frequently targeted with legal claims, and their large insurance companies are notorious for trying to “lowball” you into quick settlements. These types of quick settlements aren’t enough to cover all the costs you will incur when you’ve been in an accident.

Let Hepworth & Associates Attorneys Help You

Being in an aerial accident can leave you confused and not knowing who to trust. Insurance companies will look for the quickest settlement regardless of how it will affect you and your loved ones. Legal counsel is vital in dealing with such large corporations. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys are well-versed in working with these companies. We will diligently work in your best interest to get you a full settlement quickly and efficiently.

Our attorneys are familiar with the processes involved in aerial accidents and are ready to attend any court proceedings regarding your settlement. We have four convenient locations to serve you in Utah. Our offices are in Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Murray, and South Jordan. Each of our locations have an expert, friendly, courteous team to answer your questions. All your information is kept confidential. We take care of the large amount of paperwork that undoubtedly occurs.

Whatever your legal needs, Hepworth & Associates Attorneys help you get legal resolution. Call 801-872-2222 to schedule an initial consultation.