Your Rights to Compensation

Do you have a laceration or cut caused by the negligence of someone else? Lacerations & cuts are common injuries, especially in the workplace, often caused by sharp edges, corners, stairs and uneven surfaces. After a serious laceration or cut accident, you need an attorney who knows the right vocabulary to get you the settlement that you need. Insurance companies view you injury as a “paper cut”. They want you to just get over it. That is not our style. We believe that your laceration (the medical word for a cut) is dangerous and that it should have never happened. It hurt. The insurance company is not going through what you are going through. It can be difficult to know where to turn and who to trust to help you navigate insurance claims or Worker’s Compensation. We are here to help.

Victims of lacerations and cut accidents have a right to a monetary settlement for economic damages, including:

  • Medical expenses: This includes going to the emergency room, surgery, prescriptions and any special equipment needed.
  • Rehabilitation costs: This includes the cost of any physical therapy or follow-up appointments.
  • Future medical costs: This includes any ongoing care.
  • Diminished earning capacity and lost income: This includes any recovery time where you can’t make as much money as if you were completely healthy, or where you can’t earn any money at all.
  • Other costs and losses: This can include any property damages caused by the accident, damages for things like prolonged pain and suffering, and even damages for other parts of your life that were impacted by the injury – such as your ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

It’s sometimes difficult to deal with insurance companies – we pay our premiums so that they cover our medical costs in situations like this. But often in drawn our injury cases like this, they’ll attempt to settle with you, or try to deny your claims completely.

Why Turn to Hepworth & Associates?

Contact the Utah accident lawyers at our firm, and we can maximize your chances of getting fair compensation by:

  • Investigating the accident: We‘ve investigated many accidents for our clients, and we know what to look for to build a strong case – like physical evidence and photos of your injury and pictures of the accident scene.
  • Negotiating with the insurance company and workers compensation: The insurance adjuster may offer you a settlement that’s not enough to cover your accident and related expenses. We‘ll stand up to the insurance company to make sure you get fair compensation.
  • Completing legal paperwork: When you’ve had any accident, legal paperwork is the last thing you want to worry about. We‘ll take care of the paperwork so that you can focus on recovering.

You don’t often immediately realize the extent of your injuries after a laceration or cut accident. It can take days or even weeks to feel the entire impact of your wounds. This could lead to massive medical bills, lost wages, and a lot of pain. We’ve handled thousands of accident cases in Utah. We will work hard to get you a fair settlement to compensate you for your losses. Hepworth & Associates knows how to protect you. We’ll guide you through this process, explain your options and help you make a decision that will protect your future.

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