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We understand that if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident which leaves you seriously injured or even paralyzed, the process of physical and emotional recovery will of course be long and hard. Just as difficult may be the financial consequences of lost earnings or employment.

Trying to deal with uncaring and evasive insurance companies at the same time may seem like an almost impossible task. But in the tragic circumstances of serious injury or paraplegia after a car, bus, or rail crash, or even a vacation accident, you are almost certainly entitled to some compensation.

That’s why you need the help of experienced and skilled advocates dedicated to helping you get the maximum financial assistance to which the law entitles you, so that you can start to rebuild your life, and Hepworth & Associates can help.

Three Reasons Why You Need the Help of an Attorney

Depending on the nature of the incident and the severity of your injuries, this may include not just immediate medical expenses cover, but also the significant long-term costs of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, the loss of future earnings and any modifications required to your home.

1. Thorough Investigation of The Causes and Circumstances of Your Injury

Our highly-experienced team and expert team has handled a wide range of cases. As far as possible, we will visit the incident scene in person to collect the photographic evidence and witness statements we need to build the strongest possible case on your behalf.

2. Insurance Company Negotiations

Insurance companies are notoriously reluctant to pay the full amount of the claims which they are contractually obliged to do. They will therefore invariably appoint loss-adjusters to examine all significant claims. These are highly experienced executives specifically charged with the task of reducing to the minimum the amount the company will have to pay out.

Dealing with large faceless corporations, determined above all to protect their own interests, is nobody’s idea of fun at the best of times. But doing so when you’re also trying to recover from the physical and emotional trauma of paraplegia is the stuff of nightmares. Having an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney at your side throughout these negotiations is one of the best ways to reduce this stress and to ensure you get the best possible settlement.

3. Filling out and Filing Legal Documents

Legal claims and litigation inevitably involve the preparation of detailed evidence reports as well as extended exchanges of correspondence and the submission of lengthy and tedious documentation. As the victim of a serious accident, it is of course the last thing you want to be doing, but it’s unavoidable, and the expert support and guidance of our team will help remove a great deal of the stress involved.

Just as importantly, we will ensure that all the necessary documentation is prepared in accordance with all necessary standards and legal requirements, to ensure that the insurance company does not evade its obligations to you.

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