Rent Abatement

Dealing with a landlord who neglects necessary repairs can be incredibly frustrating. As a tenant paying rent, you shouldn’t have to handle repairs or live in unsafe or unsanitary conditions. However, it’s crucial to follow the proper steps to avoid potential eviction.

Our expert team at Hepworth Legal will review your lease and unique circumstances, ensuring you understand all available options. We can provide you with the necessary notices and documentation to properly exercise your rights in this situation.

Furthermore, if your landlord refuses to address a major issue, we can help you draft and deliver a “Notice of Deficient Conditions.” Our team will ensure the notice is properly drafted and guide you on how to serve it correctly.

If your landlord still fails to comply, you have the option of “Rent Abatement.” This means no rent is due from the day you give the Notice of Deficient Conditions, and if the landlord doesn’t begin repairs within the stated timeframe, your tenancy will end. Keep in mind that if your tenancy ends, you must leave the rental within 10 days. If moving quickly isn’t feasible, our legal team can help you explore other options and avoid unintentional eviction.

Every tenant’s situation is unique, and it’s essential to work with experts in Utah’s laws and regulations. Let our team at Hepworth Legal support and guide you during this challenging time.

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