Can I post about my car accident on social media?

Car accidents in Utah can be extremely traumatic and frustrating.  In today’s world, where nearly everyone is sharing personal thoughts and stories on social media, you may be tempted to post about your frustrations on social media.  In fact, ANY SOCIAL MEDIA presence after a car accident can ruin your chance of a fair settlement.  Before you post ANY thoughts, stories, or pictures on social media, take the time to think what an insurance company may think when reading your post.

What will the insurance company do with my posts?

While the defense would likely use posts about the car accident to its advantage, posts about your injuries, damage to your car, and frustration with the insurance process aren’t all the insurance company is looking for.  For example, if you post pictures or stories about your vacation or outdoor activities, the defense will ask, “Does this look like the victim of severe injuries?”  And if you post pictures of yourself in social drinking situations, the defense may try to paint you as a heavy drinker who may be at least partly responsible for the car crash.

Can I use a private profile?

Setting your social media profile to “private” doesn’t protect you from the prying eyes if the insurance company.  In this day and age, your social media profiles can be requested using a subpoena in the event of a lawsuit.  It may be unfair, but it’s perfectly legal.

What should I do with my social media profiles following a Utah car accident?

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Hepworth & Associates recommend deleting all social media accounts after you have had a car accident in Utah.  If you feel like your friends deserve an explanation, give them the basics:  “Hey guys, I was in a car accident recently and need to unplug for a while.  Give me a call if you want to talk.”

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