According to the National Integrated Drought Information System, specifically, the July 24, 2018, U.S. Drought Monitor – Utah, “Abnormal dryness or drought are currently affecting approximately 2,764,000 people in Utah, which is about 100% of the state’s population.”[i] Utah is in a drought. In fact, 42.20% of Utah’s geographical area is considered to be in an extreme or exceptional drought.[i] You are probably wondering, as any good citizen would, what you can do to conserve water. Fortunately, the Utah Division of Water Resources Conservation Program provides several “Conservation Tips” that can provide you with ideas for saving or limiting your water usage.[ii] There is also the question of those places that seem to waste a lot of precious water. You might be asking, how can I report water wasting? The Utah Division of Water Resources Conservation Program also provides guidelines for reporting water abuse.[iii] The guidelines specify, “Once you are sure water use abuse is occurring, please contact the water agency responsible for water in that area. Water agencies have the authority to enforce good watering practices.”[iii] The Division of Water Resources Conservation Program provides site visitors with a map for obtaining the contact information of their corresponding water agency.[iii] You can also report water wasting at the Hall of Fame or Shame at[iv] Yes, Utah is in a drought, all you have to do is check the data. Fortunately, there are things you can do to promote water conservation. If you are struggling with the question, how can I report water wasting? don’t hesitate to use the resources provided by your local and state governments.

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