There is at least one crucial reason young families should have a Will. However, almost anyone can benefit from an estate plan. When deciding whether or not to create such a plan, you will likely run into the question: Do I really need to hire an attorney to draft a Will? The question is a valid one. As with any decision, the choice is subject to a simple cost-benefit analysis.

There has been an undeniable trend toward automated legal services, and companies have begun to offer form contracts and legal templates at relatively low prices. This trend is prominent in the accounting industry as well. Why pay for an accountant when you can pay your taxes using an automated online service? Similarly, why pay for an attorney when you can pay for an automated Will online? The answer depends on your preferred level of quality and customization.

Below are a few reasons you may want to consider hiring an attorney to help you with your estate plan. Keep in mind that this article is not meant to be a sales pitch intending to convince you to hire an attorney. In fact, many automated legal services are becoming increasingly comprehensive. Maybe, that’s all you can afford. However, when answering the question: do I really need to hire an attorney to draft a Will? there are certain benefits of hiring an attorney that you should be aware of.

1. Estate Planning is more than creating a Will. First, estate planning encompasses a wider range of activities than merely drafting a Will. Estate planning could involve questions of guardianship over children or the establishment of a Trust. It could be difficult to find an automated service that adequately offers all of the estate planning services you are looking for.

2. An attorney can provide better customization for your estate plan. An attorney can help you navigate the complexities of your individual estate. A Will from an automated legal service provider could end up being too narrow or too broad, but an attorney can pick up on the minute intricacies of your estate. Imagine a drive-thru car wash. In general, it cleans your car fairly well. However, there are always minor spots of dirt here and there that go unwashed. An attorney can help you clean every inch of your car, or in other words, customize every aspect of your estate plan to fit your needs.

3. Having a personal connection with a legal professional. Have you ever called a company’s general number for technical assistance or customer support and gotten stuck in a never-ending robotic phone tree? The experience can be tantalizing. All you want to do is speak with a live person, but no matter how many options you select, you never make it through the phone tree. This doesn’t mean that all automated legal services have bad customer support. However, there is definitely something to be said for having a personal connection with an attorney. There are benefits associated with knowing a legal professional you can call, trust, and rely on when you have questions.

4. Funding the Trust. Remember, estate planning is more than just creating a Will. Setting up a Trust is another major aspect of estate planning. Say, for example, an individual uses an automated legal service to create a Trust. Is that all that needs to be done? No. The Trust has to be funded with your actual assets. That means you have to move things into the Trust. Without taking these steps, the paper that outlines the parameters of your Trust is just that: a piece of paper. The right attorney can help know what needs to be done to fund your Trust. In fact, the attorneys at Hepworth Legal offer this type of personalized service. If you answer “yes” to the question: Do I really need to hire an attorney to draft a Will? contact the professionals at Hepworth Legal by calling (801) 829-9540. The benefits of hiring an attorney might be better suited to the individual needs of your estate.