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Paid Consultation vs. “Free Consultation”

“You get what you pay for.” – We have all heard this saying, but how does this apply to the value you receive from legal consultations?

At our firm, we charge between $175 and $200 for a 30-minute meeting with one of our attorneys. During this meeting, you will have time to tell the attorney about any of your legal issue(s), and the attorney will respond with legal advice. Often this is all you need to resolve your legal issue. You will leave with all the information you need to solve the problem yourself or know exactly what your options are to take further legal actions. Getting professional advice and knowing the exact steps to take can save you a lot of time and money.

Unfortunately, many law firms use “free consultations” to lure you in the door to then see if they can overcharge you at a later date for something that could be simply resolved in a short period of time with the right legal advice and focused attention. We do our best to help our clients fix their problems as soon as possible and for a fair price.

However, we also offer free case review consultations, specifically for personal injury law cases, including; Car crashes, Malpractice, Liabilities, Slip and Falls, Defective Products, etc.

Request a callback today using our forum, and we will contact you soon to schedule a paid legal meeting or personal injury case review. We are here to help you get your life on track and serve you with our greatest intentions.

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